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Ian Anon
Writer + Bed Head like Whoa!

This is the personal journal for Ian Anon.
Inside are some ramblings, some recs, & some rants
from yours truly.

Who am I, you ask?Collapse )

So I guess the other thing you need to
be aware of is the nature and content of
my journal and my stories.  So here goes:

Can't get any more succinct
and to-the-point as that, can I?

You can read my stories in various archives:Collapse )

Well, that's about it for my fic-primer. I hope you stick around,
take a peek inside, I'm not 'friends-only' because I don't believe
in that.  My innane waffly prolixities deserve public scrutiny!


Oh, and friend me, I'll friend you back!



State of Mind: bouncy bouncy

25 Bending Over and Take it Like a Man
It's embarrassing when you can't even remember passwords, email accounts, nothing. I'd love for that to be the main reason why I haven't been on LJ, but it's not. I've been traveling, thankfully. Well, for awhile, at least.

First things first -- Hello, guys!

I hope all of you have been well. I have. Extremely so, actually.

The rest behind a cut, because I'm not a jerk...Collapse )
10 Bending Over and Take it Like a Man